Allowing the auxiliary-sheet-selection job attribute with the BSD DSS

BSD actual destinations do not generate auxiliary sheets. The system where the printer device is attached can create auxiliary sheets, but you cannot control them using InfoPrint Manager attributes. For example, an auxiliary sheet, such as a header sheet, could be printed if the job was sent to a remote queue that is actually printing auxiliary sheets.

BSD actual destinations do not support the auxiliary-sheet-selection attribute. Many print command options generate an auxiliary-sheet-selection attribute, and the BSD actual destinations will reject these jobs. Some examples for the Linux client follow:

Command Action
lpr -Pbsdld file Sets auxiliary-sheet-selection=start in the job.
lpr -Pbsdld -h file Sets auxiliary-sheet-selection=none in the job.

You can use this procedure to allow BSD DSS actual destinations to accept jobs with an auxiliary-sheet-selection attribute. Although this procedure allows BSD DSS destinations to accept jobs with the auxiliary-sheet-selection specified, the BSD DSS does not process or print auxiliary sheets.

  1. Use the pddisable command to disable the BSD actual destination.
  2. Issue this pdset command:
    pdset -cp -x "auxiliary-sheet-selections-supported=none
                 job-attribute-supported+=auxiliary-sheet-selection" bsdad
    where bsdad is the BSD actual destination on which you are working.
  3. Determine the queue associated with the destination, and then issue this pdset command to unregister the actual destination from its queue:
    psdet -cp -x "associated-queue==" bsdad
  4. Issue this pdset command to re-register the actual destination to its queue:
    psdet -cp -x "associated-queue=bsdq" bsdad
    where bsdq is the queue identified in the previous step. This command tells the queue about the new actual destination attribute settings so it can schedule jobs correctly.
  5. Use the pdenable command to enable the BSD actual destination.
Note: You could modify this procedure to specify other values for auxiliary-sheet-selection since the BSD DSS ignores these values as well.