Creating a new resource-context object

You create resource-context objects from the Linux command line ; you cannot create them through the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.

To create a new resource-context object from the command line, type a pdcreate command using -c resource-context and typing:

  1. The context-address
  2. The server name
  3. The resource-context object name

For example, to create a resource-context object named Resfont1 contained in server Server1 that identifies x:\resource\fonts\group1 as the context-address or directory containing AFP font resources, enter the command:

pdcreate -c resource-context -x "context-address=/resource/fonts/group1"

  1. Specify a name that uniquely describes the resource-context object in the server.

    All resource-context objects in a server appear in the selection lists for the fields in the PSF Resource tab of the Printer Properties window. Two servers can each contain a resource-context object with the same name, but possibly with different values for their attributes.

  2. InfoPrint uses resource-context object names as values for the lists associated with the fields in the actual destination attributes notebook (Printer Properties window) or as valid values you can enter in the fields of the default document attributes notebook. Job submitters can also use them as values for attributes of a document in a job.

For more information about the attributes used in creating resource-context objects, see "Attributes for Resource Contexts" in RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.