How InfoPrint Manager provides resource access for PSF DSS printers

By default, InfoPrint Manager allows all users to access the resource by setting all resource permissions to -r--r--r--. The instance of the program that tries to access a resource is created with an id of the default user, ipm1, or an authorized user with sys group set as the primary group.

PSF DSS printers limit resource access based on the userid of the person that submitted the job. The userid must have a local ID defined, or InfoPrint uses anonymous resource access (requiring a minimum of -r--r--r-- access permissions to access the resource).

Access for PSF DSS resources is granted if the userid:

  1. Exists locally (in the local /etc/passwd file), and they are a member of the system group.
  2. Owns the resource.
  3. Can access the resource with group permissions.
  4. Can access the resource because global access is allowed for that resource.
If all these checks fail, the userid cannot access the resource and InfoPrint Manager issues an error message indicating that the resource could not be found.