Directory locations of user-exit programs supplied with InfoPrint

When you create the auxiliary-sheet object, you specify the name of the user-exit program and other options, such as the form definition, if the program produces printed output. You identify which auxiliary-sheet objects you want associated with each actual destination using the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface attributes notebook for each actual destination. InfoPrint loads the user-exit programs that are called out into memory and runs the programs when you submit a job to that printer.

The following table shows the sample executable user-exit programs that InfoPrint supplies.

User-exit programs

Program Description
Start Sheets
/usr/lpp/psf/bin/pduxblkh Prints a blank start sheet.
/usr/lpp/psf/bin/ainuxhdr Prints a brief-style start sheet.
/usr/lpp/psf/bin/ainuxhdr2 Prints a full-style start sheet.
/usr/lpp/psf/bin/ainuxhdrp Prints job ticket information about the start sheet.
/usr/lpp/psf/bin/ainuxhdrx Prints a start sheet without vertical lines for 64xx & 65xx printers.
Separator Sheets
/usr/lpp/psf/bin/pduxblks Prints a blank separator sheet.
/usr/lpp/psf/bin/ainuxsep Prints a brief-style separator sheet.