Event identifiers

The event identifiers component lists the InfoPrint events that trigger notifications. You can find a full list of InfoPrint notification events and their descriptions in the "Notification events and event classes" chapter of the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference. In the descriptions, you will see what objects each event supports. If you add an event to an object that it does not support, no messages will ever be generated for that event. For example, you can add the queue-backlogged event to a notification profile entry for an actual destination, but queue-backlogged only supports the queue, job, and server objects. As a result, the actual destination notification profile will not generate any messages about that event.

That chapter also lists the InfoPrint Managerevent classes, or groups of related notification events. When you add event identifiers to a notification profile, you can add individual events, event classes, or a combination of the two.

Each type of InfoPrint object has a default set of event identifiers. See Default notification profiles for a list of defaults for each object.