Identifying paper trays to InfoPrint Manager

Once you have the chart filled in with your first attempt at mappings, you can move to the second step: identifying all of the bins to InfoPrint Manager.

By default, InfoPrint Manager assumes that all PostScript printers have only one paper tray. When you identify the trays, you let InfoPrint Manager know how many there really are. Then, when you submit a job, you can select any one of them.

You identify the paper bins to InfoPrint Manager either in the configuration file or in the transform you create. In this step, you will determine the syntax that you will be able to use in either place. The general syntax of the identification statement is:

inputX=(size,type=xxx,weight=xxx,color=xxx),inputX=(size, type=xxx,weight=xxx,color=xxx)

Where these conditions apply:

  • Each inputX corresponds to a different paper tray. You should have as many inputX entries as you have paper trays. Separate them with commas, no spaces.
  • The X in each inputX is replaced with the AFP bin number from Paper tray chart for each tray.
  • Size is the only required paper attribute. Replace the word size with the size of the paper that will be in the tray, such as letter, legal, 8.5ix11i, or A4.
  • Other paper attributes can be specified or left out entirely.

All of these are valid identification statements:


Write out your identification statement before moving on to the next step.