Limitations of actual screen frequencies and angles on InfoPrint 4000 and 4100 printers

If you change the version of toner used with your printer, you should recalibrate all customized calibration curves to make sure that they print correctly. The screen frequencies shown in this section presume the use of a 600 dots per inch (DPI) printer. Frequencies at other DPI are proportionally lower. For example, an 85 lines per inch (LPI) screen used on a 300 DPI printer will be 43 LPI. Screen frequencies match the requested screen frequency as closely as possible, based on constraints of the halftone design.

To determine the actual screen frequencies and angles for both InfoPrint 4000 and InfoPrint 4100 printers, use the table below.

Actual screen frequencies for 600 DPI printers

Printer Models Toner Properties Submit Screen Frequency
71 LPI 85 LPI 106 LPI 141 LPI

InfoPrint 4000

  • IR3/IR4
  • ID5/ID6

InfoPrint 4100

  • HD3/HD4
  • HS2

Version 3 or Version 7 Actual Screen Frequency (LPI) 74 85 96 117
Actual Screen Angle (Default ° Set) 35.5° 45° 51.3 ° 59°
Actual Screen Angle (90° Set) 54.5° 45° 38.7°