Example of migration

Example of using ISMU to migrate a pdserver (and its objects) from an existing InfoPrint Manager server to a new InfoPrint Manager server:

  1. Export command (run on existing server):
    ismu -pdname=pdserver -pdarchive -pdtemp=/tmp/server_archive -pdsave_cfg_files
  2. If necessary, change the pdserver name to the new machine hostname on the new InfoPrint Manager server (run on new machine):
    ismu –pdname=pdserver -pdmodify_to=hostname_of_new_machine –pdtemp=/tmp/server_archive
  3. Import command (run on new Server):
    ismu –pdrestore -pdtemp=/home/server_archive -pdrestore_cfg_files
Note: This series of commands needs to be run for each pdserver you want to migrate to a new InfoPrint Manager server.