User-exit programs for the line-data transform

InfoPrint Manager provides several sample user-exit programs for the line-data transform. Use of the user-exits is optional. You specify the names of the exit programs with the inpexit, indxexit, outexit, and resexit keywords. Each of these keywords is described in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

InfoPrint Manager provides these sample programs:

Input-record user-exit
Output-record user-exit
Resource exit

In addition, InfoPrint Manager provides these input-record user-exits programs to translate input data streams:

Converts ASCII stream data to EBCDIC stream data.
Converts unformatted ASCII data that contains carriage returns and form feeds into a record format that contains an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) carriage control character. This exit encodes the ANSI carriage control character in byte 0 of every record.
Converts unformatted ASCII data into a record format as does asciinp.c, and then converts the ASCII stream data to EBCDIC stream data.

The C language header file for all ACIF exit programs is provided in /usr/lpp/psf/acif/apkexits.h along with the build rules for the ACIF user-exits in /usr/lpp/psf/acif/Makefile

For more information about compiling user-exit programs, see Compiling and installing the user-exit program.