Using specific InfoPrint Manager attributes

You can specify a series of document attributes that map to MVS values by associating them with a job, specifying them on a pdpr print command, or setting them on an actual destination.

The following table provides specific attributes that can be used to pass values to an MVS host system through AFP Upload and Print.

Specific InfoPrint Manager attributes to pass values to an MVS host system

MVS Values InfoPrint Manager Attribute(s)
  • address1–text=
  • address2–text=
  • address3–text=
  • address4–text=
BUILDING building–text=
  • mvs-class=
  • (destination-pass-through=)
COPIES copy–count=
DATACK data–fidelity-problem-report=
  • mvs-destination=
  • (destination-pass-through=)
DEPARTMENT department-text=
FORMDEF form-definition=
  • mvs-forms=
  • (destination-pass-through=)
NAME name-text=