When the connection to the MVS system host fails

If you experience connection problems with the MVS host after having submitted a job through AFP Upload and Print, how to make sure that the job prints depends upon whether InfoPrint Manager detected the loss of connectivity.

If InfoPrint Manager detected the lost connection, the PSF Upload TCP/IP logical destination becomes red and the job goes into the PENDING state. Once you have re-established connectivity to the MVS host program, re-enable the PSF Upload TCP/IP destination. Then InfoPrint Manager will restart the job and continue printing.

If InfoPrint Manager does not detect the lost connection, the job remains in the PENDING state, while the printer goes into a needs-key-operator state. To resolve this condition and print your job, you must regain connectivity to the MVS host program, cancel the job in the PENDING state, and then resubmit the job to the PSF Upload TCP/IP actual destination.