Configuring the automatic download of file updates from a Linux update server

You can configure the update server to use a certain package of updated files.
  1. Run ipmupdateserverctl freeze to enter Maintenance mode.
    Note: The Maintenance mode unlocks the product path folder and you can add and remove any files contained in the parent folder. The InfoPrint Manager server is also temporarily disabled.
  2. Create a subdirectory under /var/lib/ipmupdateserver/Products/InfoPrint Select/Windows/nn.nn.nn.nn/Files/update_set to copy all the updated files and the installation location file.
    • update_set represents a folder named of your choice. You must create this folder before copying the files.
    • nn.nn.nn.nn represents the version number.

    Example: /var/lib/ipmupdateserver/Products/InfoPrint Select/Windows/nn.nn.nn.nn/Files/Update_Patch_December

  3. Copy all the updated files to the new subdirectory. You can create multiple folders, depending on how many file sets you want to update.
  4. Create a plain text file called ipmupdate.path in the new subdirectory. The ipmupdate.path file must contain only the location, on the client machine, where the new files must be copied.



  5. Run ipmupdateserverctl unfreeze to exit Maintenance mode.