Changing the InfoPrint Manager target printer

To change the target InfoPrint Manager printer, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Select Target Printer dialog by clicking the icon in the system taskbar.
    • The Select Target Printer dialog starts automatically when Windows first loads. To start the InfoPrint Manager Printers dialog at another time, go to Start Programs InfoPrint Select Open Printer Selection.
  2. Select the Windows printer from the Windows Printer list.
  3. Select the InfoPrint Manager printer from the Target Printer Selection table.
  4. Click OK.

If you have several printers, you can filter them by typing part of the location or name in the Target Printer Location/Name field. To clear your custom selection and use the default target printer defined at the Windows printer creation time, select Use default from the Target Printer Selection table.

  • The printer chosen through the Select Target Printer dialog is user-specific. If you did not select any printer, the default printer selected at Windows creation time is used.
  • To refresh the InfoPrint Manager printer list, click the Refresh button.