Updating the global search path on an InfoPrint Manager server

If you did not use default directories when installing OpenType fonts on your system, you must update the global search path on an InfoPrint Manager server. You update the global search path by updating the PSFPATH environment variable to point to the directory or directories where you have installed the OpenType fonts.
Note: If you do not update the global search path, you must update each actual destination that you use to print OpenType fonts.

To set the PSFPATH environment variable, use the procedure Editing the /etc/profile.d/ipm_environment.sh file to add this line:


where path is the path name to the directory containing the AFP resources. You can specify multiple path names, just separate these with a colon (:).

Specify these values in the /etc/profile.d/ipm_environment.sh file so that the system retains them after your InfoPrint Manager server is rebooted.