Backing up your InfoPrint Manager for Windows install directories

To back up your system, complete these steps:
  1. Stop job submissions to the InfoPrint Manager server from all of your locations.
  2. Complete printing all jobs, if possible, or delete them.
  3. Close the InfoPrint Manager Administration and Operations GUIs, including those on your remote systems, if they are open.
  4. Shut down the InfoPrint Manager Server. Using the InfoPrint Manager Management Console, go to File → Stop Server.
  5. Clean up segment files. Using the InfoPrint Manager Management Console, go to Debug → Clean Up Leftover Input Manager Files, and close the Management Console.
  6. Use your local backup procedures to backup the install directories, any directories that have been moved out from under the install directories, and the Windows registry. This key and sub-keys must be restorable: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RICOH\Infoprint Manager.
Note: In a multi-server environment, all servers must be backed up and upgraded at the same time, including AIX servers.