Using a Windows gateway printer

With the Windows gateway printer, you do not have to install any software on the client system; you perform the majority of the configuration work at the server. First, you create InfoPrint destinations (logical or actual) using the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI. Then, you use the Management Console to create a Windows gateway printer that points to one of those destinations.

Note: When you create a destination using the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI, you have the option of creating an associated Windows gateway printer at the same time.

Once the Windows gateway printer is created, users simply use the WindowsAdd Printer Wizard to add a printer managed by a remote printer server to their desktops, just as they would to access any shared network printer. The only information they need is the name of the InfoPrint Manager server system and the shared name of the gateway printer.

The Windows gateway printer provides the InfoPrint Manager administrator with straightforward control over which destinations are accessible to applications. This, coupled with its ease of deployment, makes the Windows gateway printer an attractive choice. This feature does not provide detailed event notification from InfoPrint Manager, but users can receive detailed notification if they install InfoPrint Manager Notifications on their workstations.