Preparing to migrate to InfoPrint Manager Version 4.12

  • Before running the InfoPrint Installer to migrate to InfoPrint Manager Version 4.12, make a complete backup of your current printing system. To be completely safe, it is recommended that you also make a backup of each volume group before proceeding.
  • You will need to reinstall all of the features that you installed with the previous version of InfoPrint Manager.
  • Be sure to select all of the appropriate features when presented with the feature selection screen during the migration.
  • Do not forget to also migrate any secondary servers to the Version 4.12 level.

The migration process will interrupt any active print jobs that have been submitted. Before migrating, you should allow all active, paused, or pending jobs to complete processing. If you cannot complete processing, be sure to delete all active, paused, and pending jobs before migrating.

During the process of installing the InfoPrint software, your AIX operating system software might be updated to make sure that InfoPrint will function properly. If you are missing any required AIX filesets for Version 4.12, the installer will direct you to install them from your AIX product DVD-ROM.