Installing InfoPrint Manager for AIX service updates

For information regarding the installation of the base InfoPrint Manager software and the installation of the clients, see the appropriate section for your client operating system in this book. The following procedures are essential for applying service updates to your InfoPrint Manager for AIX product. If you did not install InfoPrint from the most recent service DVD-ROM, it is important that you install the latest service at this time.

Important: If you have installed InfoPrint Manager for AIX using any of the remote installation procedures described in Installing InfoPrint manager on remote systems, you should use the mk_ip_remote script to copy all of the service code to the InfoPrint Software Server, and then enter this command from an AIX command line:
/ip_remote/ip_update -s /ip_remote
Once this command has completed, you can apply service to remote systems by following directions in Installing service updates with ip_update.