Using the LPD Gateway with InfoPrint Manager for AIX

You can use the AIX line printer daemon (LPD) to submit jobs through the LPD Gateway to an InfoPrint AIX server. LPD is a subsystem that lets you submit print jobs from other operating systems using a Line Printer (LPR) client. The AIX LPD submits the files it receives directly to an InfoPrint destination and supports the -o options that are available with some UNIX LPR clients. InfoPrint Manager for AIX provides the lprafp command as its LPR client, which does support the -o options and can be compiled on any UNIX system. (-o options allow you to specify advanced InfoPrint print options, such as form definitions and page definitions.) For more information about using -o options with AIX print commands, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

Restricting the use of the LPD protocol to submit jobs

You can limit the hosts that are allowed to use the LPD protocol to submit jobs to all the input devices with the same parent server.

If the parent server of the input devices is an AIX server, edit the /etc/hosts.lpd file on the AIX server. The default is to deny input from all systems.

  1. Log in to the operating system as the root user.
  2. Start SMIT.
  3. Click Print Spooling >