Migrating job tickets from previous versions of InfoPrint Submit

There are two ways to migrate job tickets from previous versions of InfoPrint Submit to the current version of Submit Express.

Using the Ticket → Open method:

  1. Click Ticket → Open to open the job ticket that you created with the previous level of Submit. A dialog will open, asking you to select the language that was used to create the job ticket file.
  2. Select a language from the drop-down list.
  3. Click OK. The job ticket will be converted to the new format and will be opened.

Using the Ticket → Reformat job tickets method:

  1. Click Ticket → Reformat job tickets to open the Reformat job tickets dialog box.
  2. Click Add Files to select job tickets or groups of job tickets.
  3. Click OK. A message appears asking you if you want to overwrite the older version of your job tickets.
  4. Click Yes to reformat the job tickets.

Important notes about migrating job tickets:

  1. In previous versions of Submit, job tickets were language-dependent, that is, you had to use the same language in Submit as the language your job tickets were created in. With Submit Express, the job tickets you create are language-independent, so you can transfer job tickets among sites using other languages.
  2. To open job ticket files that were created in Japanese or Chinese, you must have installed Submit Express on the Japanese or Chinese system; otherwise, some characters will not display correctly.
  3. At migration, the values are imported from the old job ticket as they existed in the old .jtk file, even if those values violate some constraints among related fields, as listed below. The first time you access the newly migrated job ticket and you change any field from the set of related fields, associated values will be recalculated according to the existing constraints from the current version of Submit. Job ticket related fields are:
    • Layout
    • Sides
    • Untrimmed page size
    • Finished page size
    • Front side (vertical and horizontal)
    • Back side (vertical and horizontal)
  4. Untrimmed page size values are not saved in the .jtk file in any previous version of Submit, so they will always be calculated depending on the paper and available dimensions defined on the server for the appropriate paper.