Using the InfoPrint Manager AIX client

The InfoPrint Manager AIX client is installed on all InfoPrint Manager AIX servers with the InfoPrint Manager for AIX Base Server. Do not install InfoPrint Manager AIX client on a system where you already installed InfoPrint Manager for AIX server. To install InfoPrint AIX client on any AIX servers that do not have InfoPrint Manager for AIX, you can use either the InfoPrint Manager: Common Clients DVD-ROM, LCD4–5642 or the InfoPrint Manager for AIX Base Server DVD-ROM, LCD4–5654. This client can be used to send commands to InfoPrint Manager for AIX or Windows servers. The InfoPrint AIX client supports files greater than 2 GB in size.

The InfoPrint AIX client lets you enter InfoPrint commands on the AIX command line. It also lets you enter enq, lp, lpr, and qprt commands. It has no graphical user interface.

Important: If you are using the AIX client in a PAM/SSO environment, the LDAP user taken from the