Setting up hot folders to submit jobs

The simplest way to submit jobs to InfoPrint is to use a hot folder. A hot folder is a directory that is associated with a logical destination. When you copy or move a file to the hot folder, InfoPrint automatically submits that file as a job to that logical destination.

If you do not explicitly specify a hot folder directory, a logical destination will not have a hot folder (there is no default hot folder). If you explicitly specify a hot folder directory, the server will create it for you; however, the path up through and including the parent directory of the hot folder directory must already exist on your InfoPrint AIX server. For example, if you specify /var/pd/hotfolder/lp-impos/ as your hot folder, you must have previously created the directory /hotfolder and its subdirectory /lp-impos.

Note: You should make a copy of any jobs that you will be placing in a hot folder. After you have put them in the folder, files are submitted and then deleted.