Submitting jobs through the AIX command line

Once the logical destination has been defined, you can submit a job to an InfoPrint Manager printer by specifying these from the command line:
Command Values Meaning
pdpr -d prt1 Print Command with logical destination name.
-t <jobname> Specifies the name that you want to assign to the job (optional).
-x resource-context=/usr/lpp/psf/config Explicit path name where the AFP file (in this case pie1), is located on your InfoPrintAIX server.
-x color-mapping-table=pie1.set Color Mapping Table that you created in Creating a color mapping table for printing this file.
<path and file to print> Explicit path to the AFP file that you want to print.
Note: /usr/lpp/psf/config is a directory that is created automatically.


pdpr –d ld1 –x resource-context=/usr/lpp/psf/config –x 
   color-mapping-table=pie1.set /home/user1/test.afp

This command will print the input file test.afp located in the directory /home/user1/ using the color mapping table pie1.set located in /usr/lpp/psf/config to the logical destination ld1.

-x attributes

Submitting a job with -x attributes overrides any actual destination configuration settings. Actual destination settings only take effect by default if no parameters are passed to InfoPrint Manager when submitting a job. The hierarchy is:

  1. -x attribute upon job submission
  2. Job and document defaults; color-mapping-table attribute
  3. Actual destination color-mapping-table attribute