What does the log file generated by the mvsprpsm.sh shell script contain?

The filename of the log file has this format:

The log file generated by the InfoPrint Manager MVS Download Receiver shell script contains this information:
  • The date InfoPrint received the MVS data set and print options
  • The print options sent to the shell script by the mvsprsd daemon
  • A copy of the pdpr command issued by the shell script to print the file
  • Any error messages issued in response to the pdpr command
  • The return code from the pdpr command

Note: If InfoPrint Manager accepts the command, the InfoPrint Manager MVS Download Receiver shell script deletes the log file and the data set received from the MVS system. If you are having problems, you might want to comment out this behavior while debugging.

If the pdpr command fails, you can use the log file located in the file system you defined with the -d flag of the mvsprsd utility.

  • Ensure the shell script received the correct parameters
  • Perform InfoPrint Manager troubleshooting procedures, such as using the pdmsg command to determine the cause of the problem with the pdpr command.