InfoPrint search order for GRID files

InfoPrint searches these directories, in the order shown, for GRID files:
  1. An internal list that matches the charset.grd.sample file.
  2. <install path>\grd
  3. <install path>\var\psf\printername, where PrinterName is the name of a valid InfoPrint actual destination.
    Note: When the same mapping is found in one of these files, InfoPrint uses the last one.

When you install InfoPrint Manager, sample GRID files are installed in the <install path>\grd directory. You can maintain a central location for new or modified GRID files for specific printers by storing files in the <install path>\var\psf\PrinterName directory.

If you are mapping raster fonts to outline fonts, you can map multiple names to the same GRID part so that different sized fonts can apply to your print job.

  1. The new or modified GRID files you create have the same names as the sample files except that you delete .sample from each file name.
  2. After creating or modifying GRID files, you must shut down and restart the physical printer represented by PrinterName for the changes in the file to take effect.