Editing the DCF

See this section to edit either the sample DCF provided with InfoPrint Manager or an existing DCF.
  1. Open the file you want to edit in a text editor.

    Notice that most of the lines begin with a *. Every line that begins with a * is a line that is commented out, so InfoPrint Manager ignores it during processing. When you need to comment out a line, insert a * at the beginning of the line; to uncomment a line, delete the * at the beginning of the line.

  2. Read the notes and instructions in the file before you make any changes to it.
  3. Change the Control Statements as you need to.
    • In the Defaults section, you can set the defaults as you need them to be.
    • In the Globals section, the only value that is set is carriage-control-type attribute value.

      The statements that are commented out are examples of how to specify alternate resource search orders.

      • The first example specifies a location that InfoPrint Manager will search for all fonts (resource-context-font=C:\fonts\reslib).
      • The second example specifies a location and search order for page definitions (resource-context-pagedef=C:\joeski\pagedefs;c:\bills\pdefs).
      You should put any other pdpr parameters to be specified on the –x option on all jobs here.

    • In the Mapping section, there are two sections: Commonly changed mappings and Less commonly changed mappings. Follow the instructions provided in the text file to make your changes, keeping these additional considerations in mind:
      • If you plan to send print jobs to different logical destinations based upon the media type of the job, you should uncomment the FORMS :: default-medium mapping.
      • The default mapping uses the MVS JCL keyword DEST to specify the target destination (printer) that the downloaded jobs are sent to. If you comment out this mapping or remove the target-destination-name from the right side, all jobs are submitted to the target destination that you specify in the Target destination field when you set up your MVS Download Receiver.
      • If your host MVS system uses the newer PRTQUEUE JCL keyword to identify the target-destination, comment out the DEST :: target-destination-name mapping and uncomment the lines:
        PRTQUEUE :: target-destination-name
        DEST     ::