Testing tray mappings

Once you have your identification statement created, you can test your mappings to make sure they are correct. This procedure explains one way to verify the mappings.
  1. On the system that your InfoPrint Manager server runs on, install the PostScript driver that corresponds to your printer. The easiest way to install the driver is by using the Windows Add printer wizard to create a printer that uses that driver. After you create the printer, you can delete it; the driver will still be installed.
  2. Using the Management Console, create a Windows gateway printer that uses the driver you just installed and has a PSF printer as its target destination.
  3. Click the Windows Start button and select Settings → Printers to open the Printers window.
  4. Right-click the Windows gateway printer you just created and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  5. Click Device Settings to show the trays and options that are available.
  6. If your driver lists the paper trays that are available, activate them and select paper sizes for each one. Set the options to match your identification statement.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog and make the settings take effect.
  8. Determine which method you will be using to map bins:
  9. Follow the appropriate procedure.

    When you have to change the configuration file or enter the command that your transform will use, replace the inputX=... statement with your identification statement from Identifying paper trays to InfoPrint Manager, and complete the procedure.

    When you have to enter PostScript options and AFP bin numbers, select an input bin number and enter the options that you want to assign to that bin. For example, if you want AFP bin 1 (on the printer) to hold letter-sized paper, AFP bin 2 to hold legal paper, and the manual feed tray to hold 11x17 inch paper, the mapping portion of your command would read:
  10. Load each paper bin (including the manual feed bin) with a different kind, color, or specially marked paper.
  11. Test your settings by submitting print jobs to each bin of the Windows gateway printer and making sure that it prints on the correct paper. If a job does not print on the correct paper, adjust your AFP bin numbers and input numbers as necessary.
  12. Tell your users this information.
    • How to create a connection to this Windows gateway printer from their workstations.
    • What options to set in the device settings.
    • What kind of paper is in each bin.
    • How to print to each bin.