Tasks you do using the Management Console

Important: If the UAC is turned on, you can edit the InfoPrint Manager configuration or perform management tasks using the InfoPrint Manager Management Console only by running them as administrator. To do this, right click on the application icon and select "Run as Administrator".
Note: For administrative (A) tasks you need to "Run as Administrator". For view (U) tasks you can run the program without using the "Run as Administrator" option.

Server tasks:

  • Start or stop the InfoPrint Manager server (A)
  • Check server status (U)
  • View or filter the server log (U)
  • Save the view of the server log that is currently displayed as a text file (U)
  • Check the percentage of server filespace used (U)
  • Set the InfoPrint Manager server to start automatically when the system starts up (A)

Server Configuration tasks:

  • Change the user account that the server runs under (A)
  • Change the password associated with the user account that the server runs under (A)
  • Change the domain that the InfoPrint Manager server operates in (A)
  • View or modify InfoPrint Manager directory structure, resource search path information, and the shared file folder location (A)
  • View or modify the ports that the server communicates on (A)
  • Change the hostname or IP address that InfoPrint Manager uses after you have changed it on your system (A)

Web Server tasks:

  • Start or stop the InfoPrint Manager Web Server (A)

DPF tasks:

  • Create, view, modify, or delete a DPF host receiver (A)
  • Start, stop, pause, or resume a DPF host receiver (A)
  • Cancel a DPF print job that's currently downloading (A)
  • Obtain printer characteristics (U)
  • Find a specific DPF resource in the DPF Resource database (U)
  • Delete a DPF resource (A)

Destination tasks:

  • View the status and attributes of InfoPrint destinations (U)
  • Migrate a Windows printer into an InfoPrint destination (A)
  • Create, view, modify, or delete a Windows Gateway Printer (A)
  • Prevent some users or groups from submitting jobs to a particular destination (A)

MVS Download tasks:

  • View MVS Download receiver information (U)
  • Create or delete MVS Download receivers (A)
  • Start or stop MVS Download receivers (A)
  • Delete orphaned files (A)
  • Open the destination control file so you can edit it (A)

SAP Callback Process tasks:

  • View SAP Callback Process (U)
  • Add SAP Callback Process (A)
  • Change SAP Callback Process (A)
  • Delete SAP Callback Process (A)
  • Start SAP Callback Process (A)
  • Stop SAP Callback Process (A)

Troubleshooting tasks:

  • Capture system information to provide to InfoPrint Service (U)
  • Manage server tracing (A)
  • Manage PSF destination tracing (A)
  • View PSF destination logs (U)
  • Reset communications between the InfoPrint Manager server and other servers (A)
  • Create or clear namespace (A)
  • Manage DPF host receiver tracing (A)
  • Show DPF host receiver drive information (U)
  • Recreate DPF resources database (A)
  • ControlMVS Download Tracing (A)
  • Export configuration
  • Import configuration

Security tasks:

  • View InfoPrint Access Control Lists (ACLs) and the InfoPrint users and groups who have permissions associated with them (U)
  • Add or delete InfoPrint member/group of InfoPrint ACL (A)
  • Modify InfoPrint member/group permissions in InfoPrint ACL (A)
  • Create, view, modify, or delete InfoPrint security groups and their members (A)
  • Enable/Disable LDAP security
  • Configure LDAP security
  • Clear LDAP cache

Input Manager tasks:

  • Change Input Manager settings (A)
  • Clean up leftover Input Manager files (A)

Pull Print Feature tasks:

  • Add or change the Pull Print Feature settings (A)
  • Configure the Pull Print Feature settings (A)

Miscellaneous tasks:

  • Start up one of the other InfoPrint Manager GUIs (U)
  • Specify which view of the InfoPrint Manager GUI to launch from the Management Console (A)
  • Print a test job (U)
  • Enable or disable IPP Gateway (A)
  • Enable or disable notification server (A)
  • Add a Windows port (A)
  • Specify how often you want the information displayed in the Management Console to be updated (A)
  • Update the information currently displayed in the Management Console (U)
  • View help for error and informational messages (U)
  • Enable/disable the InfoPrint Manager LPD (A)
  • Export configuration
  • Import configuration
    • For more information on which configuration settings can be exported and imported, see ”Using the InfoPrint Manager System Migration (ISMU) Utility” from the InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Procedures publication.
    • You cannot use any multi-byte or special characters, such as: ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;""'<>,.?/ in the name of the folder in the Import/Export dialogs in the Management Console.