WorldType Fonts

WorldType fonts are TrueType and OpenType fonts supplied in a Microsoft Unicode format. The WorldType Fonts include these typefaces:

  • WorldType Sans
  • WorldType SansDuo
  • WorldType Serif
  • WorldType SerifDuo

Format and operating systems for WorldType Fonts

Format Operating systems
WorldType fonts Native support for Windows. The fonts can be copied to AIX, Linux, IBM i, and z/OS as needed.

Unicode Ranges

The WorldType fonts are organized by subsets and grouped by character blocks as defined by Unicode. These subsets do not fully support all glyphs in every character block and might contain glyphs from other characters blocks:

  • Windows Glyph List (WGL) is a subset supporting Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Modified Letters and Combining Marks. Partial support for Symbols and glyphs in the Special Area. This subset provides the same basic set of characters as Microsoft's Windows Glyph List 4.
  • All the WorldType fonts now contain the Ethiopic language script.
  • Middle East Glyph List is a subset supporting Arabic and Hebrew in addition to the WGL support.
  • Indic Glyph List is a subset supporting Indic scripts in addition to the WGL support.
  • Southeast Asian Glyph List is a subset supporting Thai, Lao, Khmer, Burmese, and Vietnamese in addition to the WGL support.
  • The East Asian Glyph Lists are a subset of the Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwan full font sets.
  • Complete Glyph List contains every character presently supported. In addition to WGL, Middle East, and Indic support, it supports Han, Hiragana, Katakana, Hangul, Bopomofo, and Yi.


The Complete Glyph List is available with Han localizations for Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. There is a 64–K glyph limit in the TrueType and OpenType font architecture that limits the amount of support that can be provided with a single font. This limitation requires a different font to be selected to represent each locale properly.

The set of Han glyphs is not fully localized for all four locales. Each of the localizations supports the Windows 98 glyph set for a particular locale. The Simplified Chinese locale is the only uniform designed glyph set. There are fallback glyphs in the other locales for those glyphs not supported. For example, if a glyph is specified that is not part of the Windows 98 Japanese glyph set, the Simplified Chinese glyph is used for that particular glyph.

Embedded bitmaps

The Complete Glyph List and East Asian Glyph list are available with embedded bitmaps. The embedded bitmaps are provided for many of the Han, Hiragana, and Katakana glyphs. These bitmaps improve the quality of the glyph at screen resolutions.

The level of embedded bitmap support is based on the Windows 95 glyph set. There are six bitmap sizes included in the fonts. Each bitmap size is designed to represent the locale and the type style, except for the smallest bitmap, which is too small to distinguish the difference.