The Infoprint™ Font Collection includes fonts that:

  • Control the appearance of business communications
  • Enhance the readability of business documents to increase impact and accessibility
  • Draw attention to specific items, create emphasis, and improve responsiveness to business communications
  • Apply industry-standard TrueType/OpenType font technology to support Unicode data for globalization of applications with a single font
  • Improve print quality on high-resolution printers by using AFP or TrueType/OpenType outline fonts instead of raster fonts
Note: Each version of the WorldType fonts comes with a prebuilt Resource Access Table (RAT) that can be used for AFP printing. A detailed description of the WorldType fonts naming conventions is listed later in this document in Naming conventions for the WorldType Fonts.

IBM Extended Code Pages (ECPs)

ECPs are provided as downloadable zip files. To download the zip files, access the IBM® web site at: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=psd1P4000878