Job-properties rules files for inserter results files

The job-properties rules file specifies how to map values in the inserter results file to RICOH ProcessDirector job-property values.


RICOH ProcessDirector uses the job-properties rules file to set values of RICOH ProcessDirector job properties. It uses the job-properties rules file together with the parsing rules file that defines the fields in the results file.

RICOH ProcessDirector provides these sample job-properties rules files in directory /installation_path/extensions/fbi-basic/samples/icf_results:

Inserter manufacturer Job-properties rules
Bowe BOWE.icf_results.process.job.dsc
Bowe with JetVision camera systems JET.icf_results.process.job.dsc
Bowe Bell & Howell None (not supported)
Gunther GUN.icf_results.process.job.dsc
Inserters with Ironsides camera systems IRON.icf_results.process.job.dsc
Kern KERN.icf_results.process.job.dsc
Pitney Bowes PB.icf_results.process.job.dsc
Quadient quadient.jrf_results.outputfile.dsc

RICOH ProcessDirector job properties set in rules file lists the job properties that you can set in a rules file.

  • If you need to set the value of another job property, an authorized user must add a line for the job property in file /aiw/aiw1/config/fbi/icf_job_del_properties.cfg.

RICOH ProcessDirector job properties set in rules file

Property (field name) Property (database name) Required Description Type Length (characters)
Inserter name Job.Inserter.ID No The name of the inserter that processed the job. varchar 255
Job name Job.Name No The job name. character 128


Comment lines start with a pound sign (#).

The first non-comment line is optional. It identifies which records in the results file contain information. The first line has this format:


For example, if the first line of the results file is a header and you want to ignore it, use this expression:


If all records in the results files contain information, omit this line.

Each subsequent line in the rules file sets the value of a RICOH ProcessDirector job property. Each line has this format:

Specifies the database name of the RICOH ProcessDirector job property.
Specifies the type of data in the property value. Allowed values: character, varchar, integer, bigint.
Specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in the property value.
Specifies an expression in the RICOH ProcessDirector Content Expression Language (CEL). The expression is evaluated and the result becomes the value of the job property. In the expression, you can specify a fixed value, or you can specify the value of a field in the results file. The parsing rules file defines the fields in the results file. You can also use CEL. For information about the CEL language and functions, see the related Reference topic.


This example sets the Job.Inserter.ID property value equal to the value of the MachineID field in the results file. The MachineID field must match a field name defined in the parsing rules file.