Changing group membership for a user

You can change the group membership for users when their RICOH ProcessDirector tasks and actions change.
  • If the Security feature is installed, Authentication with LDAP is enabled, and the Synchronize with LDAP groups property is set to Yes, RICOH ProcessDirector updates the group membership for a user based on the values for the Product to LDAP group mapping property each time the user logs in.
To change group membership for a user:
  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the left pane, click Security Users.
  3. Right-click the user whose group membership you want to change and select Properties.
  4. For the Group membership property, select all the groups that the user is a member of.
    Users can be members of more than one security group. If a user is a member of multiple security groups with different permissions, the user has any permission authorized by any of the groups.
  5. Click OK.