Using font-mapping files to map fonts

To map a custom AFP font to a Java font, edit one or more of the sample font-mapping files that RICOH Visual Workbench provides in directory /aiw/aiw1/lib/AVE/resources.

The mappings in the font-mapping files are used to display all AFP files in RICOH Visual Workbench unless an AFP font is mapped to a Java font in the Visual Workbench control file.

To use font-mapping files to map an AFP font to a Java font:
  1. Log in to the computer as the RICOH ProcessDirector system user (aiw1 is the default), or with a user ID that is a member of the RICOH ProcessDirector group (aiwgrp1 is the default).
    You can also log in as the root user.
  2. Navigate to the /aiw/aiw1/lib/AVE/resources directory.
  3. Open the sample font-mapping files in a file editor, edit them, and save them.
    All font-mapping files that you want to use must be in the same directory.
  4. If you edited sample file SampleCodePointMap.cp, rename it to the name of the AFP code page.
    For example, if the name of the code page is T1000259, name the file T1000259.cp.