Use this workflow to process line data or mixed-mode error message files that are generated when you use AFP Download Plus to submit multiple-data set jobs. This workflow sets values for job properties by using values set in each step in the workflow and by using a job properties file.
The input device specifies a control file, receive_jcl_jobtype.cfg, to change JCL parameters for a job to a job properties file in RICOH ProcessDirector property name=value format that is read by the first step in this workflow.
  • This workflow includes a manual step so that you can see the messages and cancel the job if they indicate problems.
  • A parent workflow that includes ErrorMessage as a child workflow must include a step based on the WaitForGroup step template after the ManualStepWithManualStart step. That step makes the job wait until you complete the manual step of checking the messages before the job is passed to the next phase.
  • Message files from Download for z/OS are sent in line data format. As a result, the ErrorMessage workflow includes a ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step. This step converts the message files into AFP so that you can see them and print them. Message files from AFP Download Plus are sent in AFP format, so they do not have to be converted.
  • On a Linux system, the ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP step that this workflow contains returns messages in the language that its External program language property specifies.

Phases and steps

The illustration shows the steps in each phase of the sample workflow.