Preparing for the update

When you prepare your system for an update, you must determine how you want to update your system and what components you have installed, and then back up your system.

To prepare for an update:

  1. Decide how to update your system. You have two choices:
    • Download the full product ISO file for the most recent version of RICOH ProcessDirector.

      The ISO file includes a full update of the base product and all of the features. You install the update the same way that you initially installed the product.

      This option is the most efficient, because there is only one package to download and installed features are updated automatically.

      • RICOH Transform features must be downloaded and installed separately.
    • Download the update packages for the base product and each of the features you have installed.

      Downloading individual update packages can be faster than downloading the full ISO file, as each package is significantly smaller than the ISO file. However, each package must be downloaded individually. If you have a large number of features to update, the process can take a long time.

      You can only install a product update on RICOH ProcessDirector systems at Version 3.6 or higher. If your software is below Version 3.6, use the full product ISO file or contact Software Support.

  2. If you have RICOH Transform features installed, log in to the Transform Feature user interface and open the About dialog. Note the transforms that you have installed.
  3. If you chose to use the full product ISO file, follow the instructions in chapters 3 and 4 of Ricoh ProcessDirector: Planning and Installing for downloading and installing the update.
  4. If you chose to install update packages, you must update the base product and all features that are currently installed.
    1. Log in as a user authorized to use Feature Manager.
    2. Click Administration.
    3. In the left pane, choose UtilitiesFeatures
      If you see an error message, you must start Feature Manger manually:
      • On AIX or Linux: Log in to the primary computer as the default user and open a command prompt. Type: startaiw -f
      • On Windows: Log in to the primary computer using the RICOH ProcessDirector administrator account. Click the Windows Start button and type services to search for the Services App. Open the Services App, then right-click the Feature Manager Service and select Restart.
      To complete the process, clear your browser cache and reload the Feature Manager web page.
    4. Make a list of all the features that have a version number In the Installed Version column.
      The Product Update feature contains the base product, so it must be updated.
  5. Back up the system. Type these commands.
    • zip -r /aiw/aiw1/lib/*
    • zip -r /opt/infoprint/ippd/extensions/**/extension.xml
    • This procedure stops and starts your RICOH ProcessDirector server. Do this procedure at a scheduled maintenance time.