Parsing rules files for inserter results files

The parsing rules file defines the fields in each record of the inserter results files.


RICOH ProcessDirector uses the parsing rules file to parse (analyze) the inserter results file. It uses the parsing rules file together with the document-properties rules file and the job-processing rules files to set RICOH ProcessDirector document and job properties after a job has completed insertion.

RICOH ProcessDirector provides these sample parsing rules files in directory /installation_path/extensions/fbi-basic/samples/icf_results:

Inserter manufacturer Parsing rules file
Bowe BOWE.icf_results.mslFile.dsc
Bowe Bell & Howell BBH.icf_results.idFile.dsc
Bowe Bell & Howell with JetVision camera systems JET.icf_results.flatFile.dsc
Gunther GUN.icf_results.logFile.dsc
Inserters with Ironsides camera systems IRON.icf_results.dsc
Kern KERN.icf_results.outputFile.dsc
Pitney Bowes PB.icf_results.outputFile.dsc
Quadient quadient.jrf_results.outputfile.dsc


Comment lines start with a pound sign (#).

Each line in the rules file defines a field in a record of the results file. Each line has this format:

Specifies a descriptive name for the field that the job-properties and document-properties rules files can refer to. The name must not contain blank characters. It is case-sensitive. The document-properties and job-properties rules files must specify this field name to map the value in the field to a document or job property.
Specifies the type of data in the field. Allowed values: character, varchar, integer, bigint, smallint, timestamp, time, date, double, float, real.
Specifies the length (in characters) of the field. This field is required for results files with fixed-length records. It is optional for results files with comma-delimited records and files that are in XML format.


This example defines the first two fields in each record of the results file: