Defining property mapping objects

You can use property mapping objects to define the relationship between the headings in a preferences file and the document properties defined for documents in a job. The relationship determines how the ApplyPreferences step uses their values during processing.
To define a property mapping object:
  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the left pane, click ObjectsProperty Mapping.
  3. Click AddDelimited.
  4. On the General section, enter values for the properties as needed.
    Make sure the value you select for the File type property matches the format of the preferences file.
  5. On the Property Mapping section:
    1. Enter a heading from the preferences file and select the document property that corresponds to that heading.
    2. Select a value for Usage.
      • The properties with the Usage value set to Identify document are used to locate documents in the job.
      • The properties with the Usage value set to Update property are updated by the ApplyPreferences step with values from the preferences file.
    3. To add an additional mapping, click the plus sign () to the right of your last entry.
    4. To delete a mapping, click the minus sign () to the right of the entry you want to delete.
    You must have at least two entries on the Mapping tab, one used to identify documents in the job and one designated as a property whose value is updated by the ApplyPreferences step.
    The order of the headings in the list does not have to match the order of the headings in the preferences file.
  6. Click OK.