Connecting and disconnecting barcode readers

Connecting and disconnecting a barcode reader controls the flow of barcode data into the barcode reader from the camera or barcode scanner. A barcode reader can only receive barcode data if it is connected.
To connect or disconnect a barcode reader:
  1. In the Barcode Readers portlet, select the barcode reader or readers that you want to connect or disconnect.
  2. Click Connect or Disconnect.
  3. If you see a confirmation message, click OK.
  • The camera or barcode scanner might get disconnected if it is powered off or loses network connection. If that happens, RICOH ProcessDirector automatically attempts to reconnect.
  • If a user disconnects the barcode reader by clicking Disconnect, they must then click Connect action to restore the connection.
  • You might have to manually disconnect the camera or barcode scanner to clean it or reposition it.