The transform is written in JAVA to take advantage of multi-threaded client/server technology and platform independence. Both a JAVA command line and Application Programming Interface (API) are available.

The transform is also designed to integrate easily with existing installations of IBM Content Manager OnDemand by using the AFP2PDF Plus Transform client programs. These client programs are C/C++ based and unique to each operating system supported by Content Manager OnDemand. They mimic the previous AFP2PDF.exe command syntax and are designed to less integrate into existing AFP2PDF installations with minimal migration effort. OnDemand Web Enablement and AFP2PDF Plus shows details of the OnDemand Web Enablement and AFP2PDF Plus architecture.

OnDemand Web Enablement and AFP2PDF Plus

When the OnDemand Web Enablement Kit retrieves an AFP document, it issues a conversion request via the AFP2PDF.exe command-line interface. The AFP2PDF client passes the file to be converted, along with the transform parameters to the AFP2PDF Plus Server (via a TCP/IP socket port), where the file is converted. The AFP2PDF Plus Server writes the results directly back to the specified file system directory. Input requests are handled on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis. The maximum number of client requests handled at any given time depends on the thread count setting in the Server.cfg file.