Creating IMB serial number files

If you want Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMBs) to contain a sequential serial number that identifies each mailpiece, you must create a serial number file.

The IMB serial number file contains the serial number that you want to encode in the first IMB that AFP Editor creates in a production AFP file. AFP Editor increments the serial number by 1 in each subsequent IMB so that the serial number is unique.

You can use different IMB serial number files when you create IMBs in a sample AFP file and when you run the EditAFP command to create the IMBs in production AFP files. To use a different serial number file for the production AFP files, you specify the name of the serial number file to use for the IMB definition in the -snf option of the EditAFP command.

You can create a different IMB serial number file for each barcode that has a unique barcode definition name. For example, if one IMB contains the customer's routing ZIP Code and another IMB contains your company's routing ZIP Code (in a reply address), you can create a separate IMB serial number file for each barcode definition.

To create an IMB serial number file:
  1. On the preparation system, create an IMB serial number file.
  2. Identify the serial number file with a name of the barcode that the file applies to. For example, if the barcode contains the customer's routing code, you might name the barcode to-imb and the serial number file to-imb-serial.
  3. If the production system is different than the preparation system, use the File Transfer Program (ftp) to send the serial number file to the production system. Use the ftpbinary option.