TotalFlow BatchBuilder Schema

The TotalFlow BatchBuilder schema is an XSD file that describes TotalFlow BatchBuilder orders.

Using a mapping XSL file, you can configure an input device to transform all the orders received to the TotalFlow BatchBuilder schema and from TotalFlow BatchBuilder schema to schema corresponding to an output. If the order XML file structure does not match the TotalFlow BatchBuilder internal schema, the order is not accepted and an alert is displayed.

Various order XML formats can be converted to the TotalFlow BatchBuilder schema using an XML mapper.

The structure of the TotalFlow BatchBuilder schema is based on the internal TotalFlow BatchBuilder attributes.

The XML file must contain these fields:

The order number.
The order version.

This is an example of a minimal valid XML file:

<order xmlns="" 
name="Custom"  number="1234" version="1.0">

This is an example of a valid XML file, containing multiple job details:

<order xmlns="" 
name="Custom"  number="1234" receiveDate="2014-01-01" 
receiveTime="14:20:00-05:00" jobNumber="0611" version="1.0">
<customer name="CustomerOne"/>
<job name="Job1" copies="50" simplexDuplex="Simplex" 
plex="Normal" perforation="1" drilling="1" collation="1" 
proofing="1" color="C_PROCESS" productType="Book" 
isbn="980-2-17-158510-1" sku="F256" subPartNo="43" 
finisher="Binder" press="PrinterCX">
		<file ref="C:\temp\test\file1.pdf" 
		dataStream="DS_PDF"/><description>Sample file</description>
		<document pages="1"><size units="in" width="0" height="0"/> 
			<media name="A4" type="MT_BOND" color="MC_WHITE" 
		finish="MF_NONE"><size units="in" width="3.14159265358979" 
		height="3.14159265358979"/><weight value="3.14159265358979" 
			<imposition name="Front" positionsPerSide="1"/>
			<binding style="BS_NONE"><spine size="3.14159265358979" 
			<coating name="CN_UV" side="LS_FRONT" type="LT_ANTIQUE"/>
For a complete list of optional fields, see TotalFlow BatchBuilder Hot Folder Schema.

When submitting an XML order, make sure you validate the XML file structure against the TotalFlow BatchBuilder schema.

Important: You can find the hotFolderSchema.xsd schema file, sample .xml files, and other supported .xsd files in the Mapping folder under the directory where TotalFlow BatchBuilder is installed.