Overview of TotalFlow BatchBuilder

This manual contains topics that help administrators and operators learn about and use TotalFlow BatchBuilder.

TotalFlow BatchBuilder is a web application that provides pre-printing optimization and allows operators to group job fragments into printable job batches, increasing printing efficiency. TotalFlow BatchBuilder is an efficient job management solution for middle to high end commercial printing. Orders arrive in the TotalFlow BatchBuilder system with different characteristics and in various formats. TotalFlow BatchBuilder allows you to convert order characteristics to job attributes.

TotalFlow BatchBuilder allows you to manage jobs received through input hot folders, edit the jobs, filter and group the jobs into batches based on specific characteristics, and then send them to an output destination for printing.

After TotalFlow BatchBuilder is installed on the server, you can access it from a supported web browser on any workstation. You do not need to install TotalFlow BatchBuilder on the workstations that you use to access the user interface.

You can access the online help system by clicking and selecting Help from the menu.