Replacing pre-printed forms

A bank wants to reduce the amount of paper that it stores. If the bank eliminates some of the pre-printed forms that they use by printing some statements on a color printer, they can use the same type of plain paper for various applications.

Over the last five years, the bank has purchased ten smaller banks and is in negotiations for several others. The parent bank uses an AFP system to print statements in-house on pre-printed forms. All the pre-printed forms contain color logos. Some of them also contain background images or blocks of color that divide the page into regions. The existing system consists of:

  • RICOH InfoPrint Manager, including the Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA) feature
  • Three duplex InfoPrint 4000 lines
  • Two duplex InfoPrint 4100 lines
Print jobs are submitted as line data and RICOH InfoPrint Manager transforms them into AFP. AFP resources are stored in a central location. There are no color production printers in use.

The banks that were acquired handled printing in different ways. Some of them had their own print shops; some of them outsourced print to other companies. The print staff at the parent bank has spent a significant amount of time moving the printing operations of the acquired banks to their in-house print operation, starting with the ones that outsourced their print. Five of them have been converted. The print shop administrators are starting to face some interesting issues:

  • The increased workload for the in-house operation means that they need to increase their print capacity.