Describing your job

Using a Submit Express Job Ticket window, you can describe your job. The description can include a job name, an ID, a specific description of the job, the customer name, and other information that will assist you as you refer to the job ticket.

To begin working on a new ticket, you start Submit Express. The Job Ticket window displays.

As you create the job ticket, use the Help menu from the Job Ticket window or the Help button on the dialogs to guide you.

You can create a new job ticket using the Ticket → New option on the Menu bar, or you can open a previously created job ticket using the Ticket → Open option on the Menu bar.

You can use the Ticket → Submit option on the Menu bar to print the job or portion of the job as shown in the tree view of the ticket. (To print just the ticket itself, use the Ticket → Print Ticket option.

The Ticket menu contains general tasks that you can do as you work with job tickets.