In InfoPrint Manager

  1. Open the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
  2. Verify that all of the menu items and details views columns that you will need are displayed.
    1. Click Options → Customize.
    2. On the Printer tab, make sure the Change media check box is selected in the Menu column and that Media ready is listed in the Details to show box.
    3. On the Job tab, make sure that the Change media and Change copies check boxes are selected in the Menu column. Make sure that Media is listed in the Details to show box.
  3. Define the new media.
    1. Click Server → Media → Create.
    2. In the Create Media dialog, fill in the Name, Server, and Untrimmed width and length (inches) fields as specified below. You can fill in the other fields if you like, but these three are the only required fields. See the online help for additional information about the other fields.
      One of the media types from your list.