Manual InfoPrint Manager file system allocation

The InfoPrint Manager for AIX installation software is optimized for a pSeries server with five SSA disks. When the installer senses the presence of the required drives, it creates the InfoPrint Manager file systems to take the best advantage of them.

However, the majority of InfoPrint Manager for AIX installations are done on servers with fewer drives, and non-SSA disks. In these cases, the installation software attempts to load the complete application on a single disk in rootvg. Because of InfoPrint Manager's workflow and file duplication characteristics, this can lead to an inefficient print server. To over-ride the installer's default behavior, you should pre-allocate file systems for InfoPrint Manager before starting the install process.

The File system creation procedure uses a sample server with four SCSI 73.4GB disk drives. The creation steps and sizes for file systems are based on the assumption that the server is being used only as an InfoPrint Manager print server. The configuration values shown are samples only and will vary based on server type, number and size of disks, and so forth. No considerations have been made for any other applications running in this environment. In the sample, rootvg is on hdisk0.