Configuring LDAP-enabled InfoPrint Select client settings on Linux

For the LDAP-enabled InfoPrint Select client to submit authenticated jobs to InfoPrint Manager properly, you must configure your LDAP-enabled InfoPrint Select client settings. The LDAP settings window lets you configure the credentials, connection, authentication, and search settings. From the LDAP login window, click Settings to open the LDAP settings window. The Settings button is enabled only if you use the root account to log in.


The login information can be an e-mail address, an employee number, a badge serial number, a common name, a Lotus Notes canonical name, a user ID, a uid, or other data information.
The login information can be sent to the destination accounting log by adding the authenticated-login attribute to the list of values used by the additional-accounting-log-attributes attribute.
Enter your password.
Upper/Lower case
Specifies the letter case of the login attribute. You can select one of these values: Case Sensitive, Convert to Lower Case, or Convert to Upper Case. The default value is Case Sensitive.
Disable Save Credentials
Does not allow users to save credentials. The login and password from the LDAP settings window are not stored.