Specifying job attributes

By default, jobs submitted through a hot folder use the attribute values in the default document and default job associated with the logical destination. To override these values:
  1. Create an attributes file called filename.att or filename.att.utf8, where filename is the same as the file name of the print file. For example, if the print file is report.pdf, the attributes file is report.pdf.att or report.pdf.att.utf8. In this file, specify the attributes and values that you want. For example, to print three single-sided copies of report.pdf, report.pdf.att looks like this:
    copy-count = 3
    sides = 1
    Important: Use filename.att if the file is saved using ISO88591 or SHIFT-JIS code pages. Use filename.att.utf8 if the file is encoded using the UTF-8 code page.