Processing concerns when using the PCL Secondary

InfoPrint Manager uses the PCL Secondary when PSF receives data and converts it to PCL for printing on a PCL printer. You use the PCL Secondary whenever you submit jobs through either a PSF Other-driver printer that does not set the document-formats-ripped-at-destination attribute or through a PSF Command printer. This sections describes concerns that are specific to jobs sent through the PCL Secondary.

There are specific limitations that must be observed when sending jobs through the PCL Secondary:

  • InfoPrint Manager only supports printing the following data streams as output of the PCL Secondary:
    • PPDS
    • PCL4
    • PCL5
    • PCL5c
    • PCL6
  • The PCL Secondary only:
    • Produces PCL image data when there is image in the data sent to it.
    • Converts on a job basis and does not save AFP resources (whether fonts, overlays, or page segments) from previous jobs on the PCL printer.
  • PCL Secondary level of support based on Intelligent Printer Data Stream Reference:
    • Bar Code Support (BCOCA): Most barcode commands are supported, except for orientation degrees. However, some