Migrating an existing actual destination

You use the pdmigpp utility to migrate an existing AIX queue to an AIX DSS InfoPrint Manager actual destination. You specify the name of an existing AIX print queue, the name of the server in which you want to create the actual destination, the actual destination name, and the name of the InfoPrint Manager queue from which the actual destination receives jobs.

You can use the pdmigpp utility from a SMIT panel or from the command line. To access the SMIT panel, enter:

smit pd_migpp

The pdmigpp utility creates:

  • A BSD printer if rembak is the backend program of the current AIX queue.
  • A PSF printer if the current AIX queue is a PSF AIX queue.
  • An AIX printer in all other cases.

To migrate an existing AIX printer from the command line, enter:

pdmigpp my_asc Server1 ActDest1 Queue1
where my_asc is the AIX print queue, Server1 is the server name, ActDest1 is the actual destination name, and